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Paper vs Digital Checklists

By on Mar 20, 2016 in Ideas | 0 comments

My friend Sean and I had a recent discussion about idea creation when staring at a screen vs writing it on paper. Sean had just lost his backpack full of writings for his future book at a bar, and it’s recovery was in doubt. This would have been 2 1/2 months of writing lost forever. Many digital-only people would proclaim “that’s why you should have typed it all”. But there are reasons for writing on paper in 2016 and beyond. This brought up the idea of how our thought process works when writing on physical paper compared to a computer screen. I think many of us will intuitively agree that physical paper is the way to go. Many others agree. When facing a computer screen, unless you do some trickery such as completely removing your internet wireless card or blocking all distracting elements, you’re constantly facing distraction. Everything you could ever think of is only a new browser tab away. Even when writing ideas and checklists in Evernote, there are tons of other notebooks and ideas facing me on the lefthand side. When writing to-do lists in Evernote, the ideas for what to do come out slowly. When I want to get it all out on paper, however, I can fill a whole page in minutes. There is something about writing out your checklist on a blank sheet of printer paper and taping it to the wall that makes you want to accomplish things. Rather than having the checklist hiding in a new page of Evernote or your notes app, the physical paper is sitting on the wall, always present. Physical paper allows for unlimited motion. Evernote has a checklist feature, a columns feature, bolding, italicizing, and then a writing and highlighting feature. But you can do all of these with a pen and a blank piece of paper, and much faster. Sean did end up recovering his bag of writings, but he’s going to continue writing on paper. But he’s also going to type them up right away as...

Product Idea: Tap to Donate Easy Button

By on Dec 5, 2013 in Ideas | 0 comments

Things are moving online so much and so quickly that all the techie hipsters get excited about things such as the Fliike, a physical Facebook like counter for storefronts, or the Little PrinterĀ from Berg that prints out daily news from your preselected websites. These all have some element of intimacy baked into them because they bring digital junkies into the real world, if only for a second, which is refreshing these days.   You wake up from a dream, happy with life, feeling that you want to give today. You walk over near your bedroom door and hold your phone against a soft glowing light that looks like the easy button. You hold it there for 3 seconds until the light turns green. You’ve just donated $10 to the American Red Cross. You will receive a thank you card from them in 3 days. After a month, you’ll have 20 of these cards sitting on your kitchen table so the women in your life can see how generous you are. Of course there is a smartphone app that records all of your donations, and you can reverse donations within 7 days if they were made by accident. The light will be sent to you for free after your initial $50 donation to one of the approved charities. Working name: Hunger Light, Hight, something. Height.    ...